Pain Free Knees

After 14 years working in the timber flooring industry, my knees were shot! I started waking in the night with strong pain, and I would have to place a pillow between my knees. Since I have been taking seaweed for over a year, the pain has reduced to an occasional twinge. No more than 1 out of 10. I went looking for the science to back it up and it all stacks up.

Stay Fit to Sail

Some of the longest living people on Earth live in Okinawa. They have quite a lot of seaweed in their diets. They have lower rates of cancer and heart disease. Mobility is easier and they have less joint pain. Dementia is less common. So the answer to a long and active sailing lifestyle might be right beneath our keels!

Independant Science on the Health Benefits of Seaweed

With so many things being offered to improve our health, you need to check out the science eh? I get that. Here is an independent source with links to the peer-reviewed science of seaweed. Once you have answered all your questions, come back here and order some seaweed capsules. By the way, these are not common kelp capsules. Kelp has too much iodine, which means that if you eat enough to do you any good your uptake of iodine will be too high. Pacific Seamoss is a special type of seaweed with the right balance of good stuff. The scientific name is Kappaphycus alvarezii 

Christopher’s Story

I plan to have enough mobility and strength to sail into my 90’s. I had open-heart surgery about 10 years ago. I also suffered from very painful knees after 14 years in the timber flooring game. I’m a huge sceptic when it comes to supplements, so I dug hard into the science and couldn’t argue with the healthiest populations on Earth who mostly eat a lot of seaweed.

I’ve noticed 3 extraordinary changes since introducing seaweed to my diet. Lower blood pressure, almost no knee pain, and reduced anxiety. 

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